Centers of Excellence


Centers of Excellence (CoE)

To foster continuous innovation within our employees, HSC has instituted five key "Centers of Excellence (CoE)". Each CoE is led by an industry expert and is always a beehive of exciting activity. The goal of each CoE is to encourage our employees to innovate beyond their project related work and continuously churn up innovative ideas, papers and prototypes in a variety of areas.

The CoEs focus on key areas such as: 

  • Networking
  • Applications
  • Connected Devices
  • Media Streaming (OTT/IPTV)
  • Quality Assurance
  • Security

In the past, each CoE has produced several innovative reusable components and concepts that have helped in accelerating customer project development. Examples of reusable components are (this list is always growing):

  • SIPDroid: The first open source SIP library for Android that was released by HSC and then extended by
  • Video calling: HQ video calling for Android with OpenMAX integration for hardware accelerated codecs
  • Test Automation and Reporting Framework: A test automation and execution framework that makes automated testing and report collection easy for our customers
  • Android Kiosk Framework: A reusable component to reduce time to market to customize Android ROMs with locked down interfaces
  • LTE Layer 1 and Layer 2: A series of reusable components that help customers in accelerating their LTE product development
  • Network Management: A library of reusable components that makes network and element management simple
  • mFramework: A unique framework for mobile advertising and e-commerce rolled into one that can be leveraged by any vendor building solutions for viral marketing, mcommerce, gaming and other interactive solutions for mobile phones
  • wimax ASN Gateway: Reusable components for reducing time to market for WiMax ASN Gateway products
  • IPV4 to V6 protocol translation: Reusable component for protocol translation from IGMPv3 to MLDv2