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News & Events

October 27, 2009

Date: Oct 27 - Nov 16 2008
Venue: World Wide

HSC is organizing a technology demonstration for our customers and partners on 'Network Management'. We would like to take this opportunity to come to your premises and showcase technology which we believe will not only demonstrate our relevant skills  and experiences in developing Network Management Systems, but will also introduce some … read more

October 23, 2009
HSC was recently approved by Apple to become a member of the iPhone developer program. HSC is currently working with several customers on Apple iPhone technologies and becoming a part of the appstore vendor list will help HSC offer complete end-end design, development and mass distribution services to customers wanting to launch iPhone based applications.
 … read more

October 23, 2009
HSC has signed up as a pro member in the Nokia Forum initiative. Through this partnership, HSC expects to release several innovative application prototypes into the market so as to showcase its skills in the application development space for mobile terminals.

As part of the this initiative, HSC also will have preview access to beta SDKs and other tools that will help accelerate … read more

September 28, 2009
Date: Sep 28 - Oct 16 2009

Venue: World Wide

HSC is conducting a IP technology show, where we will be demonstrating our core competence in IP based architectures and protocols issues with a focus on IP’s applicability in wireless networks as well as traditional IP networks. With the increasing deployment IP networks there is a need to re-design Wireless Nodes to integrate … read more

September 03, 2009
Date: Sep 3,2009

Venue: Los Angeles

Arjun Roychowdhury, Asst. Vice President, Mobile Terminals and Converged applications will speak on "Creating Mobile Voice and Video Applications" at the Internet Telephony Expo in Los Angeles.


Session Abstract:

Voice over IP use is becoming more significant within the enterprise. As more … read more

August 29, 2009

Vinod Sood, Managing Director, Hughes Systique  Corp. was recently interviewed by TelecomTiger on the changing shape of R&D services in the telecom … read more

June 08, 2009
Date : June 8 - 26, 2009

Venue : Worldwide

The foundation of a quality software lays not only with strong coding skills but also with efficient and effective testing practices. If each single line of code has the potential to break the system, then it becomes even more important to develop test solutions that can repeatedly and reliably validate the functionality of a software. … read more

May 19, 2009

Vinod Sood, Managing Director, Hughes Systique appeared in an Interview in Ascent, Times of India. For the complete interview please click read more

April 27, 2009

The NASSCOM Innovation Awards is a key initiative by NASSCOM to highlight the true innovators in the Indian IT industry. It recognizes the best ideas from a number of high quality applications describing … read more

March 09, 2009
Date : March 9 - 27, 2009

Venue : Worldwide

With LTE looking to win the race as the standard for 4G networks, bringing out a quality product ahead of competition would be both a challenge and key to survival for most companies in the field.

Hughes Systique, a communication software services company, headquartered in Rockville MD, USA, would be showcasing it's … read more

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