Autonomous Cars: Very real, and very soon

March 31, 2017

The technology market is constantly evolving, often in an evolutionary way. But every once in a while, technology takes a giant leap in a short period of time, crossing barriers that might have been impossible to break just a year or two ago. The ability for vehicles to 'self-drive in assisted fashion' has been around for a long time but the technology that could propel vehicles to drive in a fully automated fashion, in regular traffic and prove that its driving intelligence is at least as good, or better than the average human driver is something that is of magnitudes harder. In the recent few years, the advancement of Machine Learning has enabled this market to make that giant leap and what was earlier a pipe dream is now a reality. HSC saw the potential of this market several years ago, and in addition to providing dashboard software development also provides cutting edge R&D services for OEMs and OEM suppliers with advanced connected car cloud services.

We recently came across an interesting infographic (see below) by Get off Road that describes the evolution of autonomous driving, challenges faced and what OEMs are doing. 

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The Growth Of The Autonomous Car Market

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