Archive: September 2015

  • Building high performance hybrid mobile clients for the IoT world with Ionic

    September 21, 2015

    With the proliferation of IoT devices in the market the the recent surge of DIY as well as cloud-based "plug and play" home security solutions such as those from Dropcam, Simplicam, D-Link (and the resurgence of DIY solutions using Motion or ZoneMinder), many solution providers are looking at powerful mobile clients to monitor as well as control their home appliances, be it cameras or home lights as well as be notified of motion detection activities while away. This article will discuss how one can (and should) leverage modern hybrid frameworks such as Ionic, Meteor or similar solutions to develop a common code base that works across multiple platforms and yet not compromise on speed or performance. Specifically, this article will focus on Ionic, a very powerful MIT licensed framework based on AngularJS that sits on top of Cordova and bring out the advantages of such a solution.

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