WiFi Analytics Solution

WiFi Analytics  Solution

WiFi access points and smart phones have become  ubiquitous anywhere we are - whether its shopping,  in coffee shops, at work or at home or even within vehicles. The combination of smart phones and WiFi APs can offer service providers critical information that can help them understand customers better and offer better/personalized services. It can also help service providers with physical presence (such as stores) understand the effectiveness of their product placements and flow better. Here are some examples of the benefits of analysis, purely based on WiFi data aggregation:

For Retail Stores

  • How many new customers vs. existing customers walk into their store every day?
  • What is the path that a typical customer takes from the time they walk in to when they walk out? Are they visiting high margin products, for example?
  • How much time on average is a person spending in one section vs. another of the store (to derive product placement and floor plan optimization)
  • While in store, what are the top competitive sites that are being visited by customers?
  • and much more...

For Enterprise WiFi users

  • How to detect per user bandwidth slowdown before it hampers productivity ? (Dynamic prescriptive bandwidth adaptation)
  • Which areas have higher access point load compared to other areas? How is this related to content being browsed?
  • Detect 'Anomalies' in internet traffic and automatically set up adminstrative alarms along with suggested actions to perform (based on historic trend modeling of data)

HSC WiFi Analytics Solution - Hosted and White-labeled 

HSC's WiFi analytics solution is a cloud hosted analytics dashboard that implements a rich, responsive visual front end and is powered by advanced machine learning analytics that is able to process large amounts of data from access points and smart phones and is able to provide concise and insightful answers to business problems.

Target Market

  • Retailers & Retail Technology ISV/OEMs (white-labelled options)
  • Hospitality
  • Internet Service Providers & OEMs

Other Markets

While the inital analytics and machine learning modules are targeted towards retail specific use-cases, the 'core engine' of WiFi AP and smartphone correlation to understand users better has a much wider applicability and can be applied to bespoke analytics for multiple verticals beyond retail, such as Hospitality, Restaurants (casual/fine/QSR) and others. Please contact us if you would like to explore how we can customize our dashboard for your specific vertical.

Following are the distinctive features of our solution:

  • Powerful API based core engine- rich suite of APIs that implement data aggregation and analysis extraction and can be used to integrate analytics into other dashboards
  • Real-time analysis
  • Compare multiple sites in one dashboard and see why one site is performing better than the other
  • Customizable dashboard of widgets with relevant graphs
  • Complete drill down facilities - start with top down view (example "show me store with maximum new customers in a data range" and drill down to all parameters that might have a co-relation to the surge of new customers)
  • Fully cloud hosted and can be embedded inside your own dashboard, or as a stand alone

Following are the advantages of our solution:

  • Flexible pricing models compared to larger established analytics providers
  • Pay only for what you need - our dashboard can be customized to only do what you want to see - you don't pay features you don't need
  • Scalable - from small single store solutions to 5000+ stores 
  • Customizable - all widgets are completely customizable and you can drill down to any degree you want

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