Solution Accelerators

As a company, HSC regularly works with cutting edge technology companies who are looking to leverage HSC’s technical depth to help them deliver high quality products to the market. One the primary concerns for such companies is also to reduce Time to Market for deployment. To help customers achieve this goal, in addition to ensuring high productivity and efficient processes (such as Agile),

HSC has also developed several Accelerators in different domains and verticals that help our customers reduce Time to Market by re-using the existing functionality and bundling into their end solution. These Accelerators are an evolving set which HSC aligns along with current market and customer needs. These Accelerators are not available for independant purchase. They are only offered by us as part of a development services engagement, as part of the solution we build for customers.

HSC offers the following Accelerators today:

Testing is probably one of the most critical focus areas for a successful product rollout and unfortunately, it is the one area which developers tend to spend least time on very often resulting in unsatisfied customers and/or expensive product roll backs. HSC has developed 3 key test frameworks to serve different needs:

  • Mobile Test Automation Framework (MATAF) - A powerful test automation tool that is UI driven and can fully automate testing across Android, iOS and Windows devices. Read more here.
  • Web and Rest API Test Framework (WATAF, RESTF) - A powerful test automation tool that can be used to test both Web UIs as well as drive restful APIs. Read more here
  • A comprehensive test management framework (TEMAF) that offers flexible plugins and report management for implementing an overall test management strategy. Read more here.

The Android kiosk component is a set of software packages that make it easier for OEMs and Software vendors to customize stock AOSP (Android Open Source Project) for specific locked down (aka kiosk mode) configurations.

Some features that the kiosk component enables:

  • Disabling Home, Back , Recent apps button
  • DisableStatus bar
  • Disable Navigation bar
  • Disable System Notifications/ Alert messages
  • Disable Lock Screen
  • Screen always ON
  • Suppress the Title Bar & make the selected App as a Launcher
  • Disable ADB
  • Lockdown the Android Smartphone/Tablet into Kiosk Mode
  • Restrict users to the selected Android Application only
  • Prevent users from playing games, browsing or installing applications
  • Block user from changing System Settings
  • Auto launch the selected application at startup
  • Enable/Disable system features like Wi-Fi, NFC, Mobile Data, Telephony and Bluetooth at device start-up

Since Android does not come with a full-fledged Kiosk Mode that we can simply turn on ; we have developed this reusable component where a user can specify his/her requirements to enable/disable the system features in a configuration file and build the Android images for a specific platform.That feature will be shown as “enabled/disabled” on the device accordingly while performing the CTS test as well.(This is important as otherwise the device will fail Google play store certification) Additionally, features like Wi-Fi, NFC, Mobile Data, Telephony and Bluetooth can be enabled/disabled at run-time via a hidden Engineering Mode screen (by pressing the power and Volume Up button together), if that is needed by the Launcher application