Solution Accelerators

As a company, HSC regularly works with cutting edge technology companies who are looking to leverage HSC’s technical depth to help them deliver high quality products to the market. One the primary concerns for such companies is also to reduce Time to Market for deployment.

HSC has also developed several Accelerators in different domains and verticals that help our customers reduce Time to Market by re-using the existing functionality and bundling into their end solution. These Accelerators are an evolving set which HSC aligns along with current market and customer needs. These Accelerators are not available for independent purchase. They are only offered by us as part of a development services engagement, as part of the solution we build for customers.

HSC offers the following Accelerators today:
The statistical measurement of the QoE metrics and analysis benefits both network operation and business team to find ways to better subscriber engagement, monetization, and viewing experience.HSC’s OTT QoE Measurement Solution provides real-time, multi-dimensional, integrated, customizable actionable insights into the complete delivery network chain of the video viewing sessions. The solution can be used by customer care executives, service providers, content providers and CDNs to gain deep insight into the network conditions, subscribers’ behavior in different conditions. Following are the distinctive features of our solution: Real time capture of data related to User behavior and user viewing experience Dashboard, charting and maps for service and quality status Complete delivery network statistics view for identifying problem at the granular level Dynamic Search and aggregation capabilities Asset trend analysis  Advantages of HSC’s QoE Measurement Solution:Strategic advantages
HSC has developed a powerful connected car cloud platform that can be used as a starter solution for any customer looking to visualize and monetize car data.  At a high level, the platform comprises of: IoT Gateway A mobile solution that is capable of collecting data from OBDII and/or mobile sensors to provide contextual/rich data about driving parameters Cloud Dashboard Can be used by OEMs and Dealers to analyze collated vehicle data Can also be used by drivers to log trips/post analyze and other use-cases A powerful hosted solution that applies supervised and unsupervised learning models to multiple sensor/OBDII data to provide predictive and prescriptive outcomes such as: Driving score Fuel analysis Anomaly detection and much more Sample ViewsThe HSC Connected Car platform enables rich visualization and collation of vehicle data. Some sample views created by our portal are provided below.Pure CSS LightboxClick the thumbnail below to activate the lightbox
To accelerate Mobile Automation Testing, HSC has developed a comprehensive Mobile Application Test Automation Framework (MATAF) which can address most of the mobile automation challenges.  MATAF (Mobile Application Testing Automation Framework) is a Hybrid (keyword and data-driven) framework for Mobile Application test automation on Android and iOS platforms based on Python. Following are the distinctive features of our solution: Support for all applications – native, hybrid or web Supports Android versions starting from 2.3 (Gingerbread) and iOS Cross platform – can be setup on Linux, OS X or Windows Third party integrations – Jenkins, JIRA, ALM No application changes – any third party app can be tested, no application instrumentation needed Works for all – real devices and device simulators Better validation – Image recognition and test recognition Extended logging – records device screenshots, device videos during test execution Parallel/sequential test execution support Advantages
HSC has developed the complete backend infrastructure to enable Hotspot 2.0/Passpoint (release 2) functionality which includes backend infrastructure components such as Online Sign-up Server (OSU), Policy Server and Remediation Server. HSC can work with your Access Point vendor to implement Passpoint functionality which extends to OpenWRT customization on the off the shelf APs to support HS 2.0.Features of HSC’s HotSpot 2.0 / Passpoint solution:Here are some of the key features of HSC’s HotSpot 2.0 / Passpoint Solution: Enable users to automatically, securely and seamlessly connect to Wi-Fi networks – In pocket, cellular like experience Provision security credentials for Non-SIM devices Provision network selection policies Automatic update of policies and credentials on device via subscription RemediationOverview of Passpoint Network Architecture:Benefits of HotSpot 2.0 / Passpoint Solution:The following is a glimpse of the various benefits that are derived by employing a HotSpot

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