Solution Accelerators

HSC has developed several Accelerators in different domains and verticals that help our customers reduce Time to Market by re-using the existing functionality and bundling into their end solution. These Accelerators are an evolving set which HSC aligns along with current market and customer needs. These Accelerators are not available for independent purchase. They are only offered by us as part of a development services engagement, as part of the solution we build for customers.

HSC offers the following Accelerators today:

HSC's WiFi analytics solution is a customizable and white-labelled cloud hosted dashboard powered by advanced machine learning analytics that is able to process large amounts of data from access points and smart phones and is able to provide concise and insightful answers to business problems.
UTAF is an easy-to-use, OS agnostic, platform independent Test Automation Framework for providing script-less automation framework for testing web and mobile applications. An amalgamation of the existing Web Application Testing Automation Framework (WATAF) and Mobile Application Test Automation Framework (MATAF).
HSC has developed a comprehensive Web Application Test Automation Framework which is a Java based scripting framework for browser-based web applications testing that makes the process of web automation much easier and seamless than any off the shelf framework.
HSC has developed a powerful and versatile test management and execution framework which provides test management and execution services in a web-based GUI.The solution is extensible for adding SUT adaptors to perform the test on distributed test setups.
To accelerate Mobile Automation Testing, HSC has developed a comprehensive, Python based Hybrid framework called Mobile Application Test Automation Framework (MATAF) which can address most of the mobile automation challenges.
HSC's Retail concept solution is a self-contained, end-end digital transformation solution for addressing the pain points of todayís retailers which would help them enhance consumer shopping experience and tackle the industry behemoths at the same time.
HSC's Video Delivery Solution empowers viewers with an access to complete repository of your Valuable Content with the flexibility of consuming Any-Content Any-Where Any-Time on Any-Device and an ease of Search, Discovery & Recommendations
HSC's OTT QoE Measurement Solution provides real-time, multi-dimensional, integrated, customizable actionable insights into the complete delivery network chain of the video viewing sessions.
HSC has developed a powerful connected car cloud platform that can be used as a starter solution for any customer looking to visualize and monetize car data. The platform comprises of an IoT Gateway and a Cloud Dashboard and also includes service Chatbot.
HSC has developed the complete backend infrastructure to enable Hotspot 2.0 /Passpoint (release 2) functionality which help increase customer satisfaction, extend subscriber reach and significantly reduce OPEX.

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