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HSC has developed several Solutions (ready to run/white-label) & Accelerators (stable software components that can be integrated into customer products) in different domains and verticals that help our customers reduce time to market

HSC offers the following Solutions & Accelerators today:

In today's scenario many networked applications runs on our smartphone. These applications interact with network components over public internet. For some of the applications like video applications, performance and hence the user experience depends upon the performance of the network connectivity.
HSC's Big Data Pipeline for analytics is a high speed distributed architecture that is ideal to use as a core enabler for any system that requires high speed processing and real-time analytics of millions of transactions without data loss. In-fact, some of HSC's solutions, such as OTT Video Delivery, QoE and WiFi Analytics all leverage HSC's Big Data Pipeline.
HSC's AI Chatbot framework allows a developer to quickly create contextual conversations that use NLP to engage with the end customer. Implemented as a wrapper that can connect to multiple chatbot engines, it allows a product developer to write code in a way that the backend engine can be replaced without affecting the core product.
HSC's Mobile Loyalty framework is a Ionic based mobile framework that can be used as an accelerator for developing loyalty apps for retail and hospitality verticals.
HSC's Image and Video Analytics accelerator makes it very simple to perform advanced classifications/identifications of images and videos from cameras or offline video files. Based on APIs, it abstracts out the details of how analytics are done and offers a very simple mechanism to integrate advanced image and video analytics into the customer's application.
HSC's WiFi analytics solution is a customizable and white-labelled cloud hosted dashboard powered by advanced machine learning analytics that is able to process large amounts of data from access points and smart phones and is able to provide concise and insightful answers to business problems.
UTAF is an easy-to-use, OS agnostic, platform independent Test Automation Framework for providing script-less automation framework for testing web and mobile applications. An amalgamation of the existing Web Application Testing Automation Framework (WATAF) and Mobile Application Test Automation Framework (MATAF).
HSC's WATAF (Web Application Test Automation Framework) and restTF (Web Services Test Automation Framework) makes the process of web automation much easier and seamless than any off the shelf framework.
HSC's Test Management and Automation Framework (TEMAF)is a powerful and versatile test management and execution framework
HSC's Mobile Application Test Automation Framework (MATAF) is a powerful framework to completely automate mobile deployment and testing.
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