Solutions & Accelerators


Solutions & Accelerators

HSC has developed several Solutions (ready to run/white-label) & Accelerators (stable software components that can be integrated into customer products) in different domains and verticals that help our customers reduce time to market

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HSC offers the following Accelerators today:

AI Chatbot framework


HSC's AI Chatbot framework allows a developer to quickly create contextual conversations that use NLP to engage with the end customer. Implemented as a wrapper that can connect to multiple chatbot engines, it allows a product developer to write code in a way that the backend engine can be replaced without affecting the core product.


  • Tested with DialogFlow and Microsoft Bot Framework
  • Includes rich UI templates for conversation styling along with pre-defined themes
  • Trained corpus of messages for different verticals

Use Cases:

HSC's AI Chatbot APplication was used in a web portal for an organic shopping site to customize ordering system for loyal subscribers. The AI bot would have a conversation with the buyer based on past purchases and help them re-order as well as look for related products.