Solutions & Accelerators


Solutions & Accelerators

HSC has developed several Solutions (ready to run/white-label) & Accelerators (stable software components that can be integrated into customer products) in different domains and verticals that help our customers reduce time to market

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HSC offers the following Accelerators today:

MQTT Simulator

The advent of IoT has increased the focus on testing the cloud or gateway services. Even before these services can be introduced in the market, they must be tested for load, performance and functionally in real-time in the labs or QA environments. This helps to ensure the robustness and high availability of these services under the real-life scenario of handling messages from thousands of sensors and devices.

MQTT (Message Queueing Telemetry Transport) protocol is a widely used transport protocol in the IoT space. HSC’s MQTT Simulator harnesses this protocol to create multiple connections and send message payloads to the IoT service. Not only does it help to handle the payload gracefully but also helps uncover the stability issues before the product or service is introduced in the market.

MQTT Simulator Features

  • Intuitive UI Tool for IoT gateway and cloud service testing
  • Supports creating thousands of subscribers/publishers with custom configuration parameters
  • Support for logging on one or multiple instances
  • Support for TLS and basic password-based authentication
  • Starting stopping of one/multiple instances from simple command line
  • Custom message sending formats
  • Along with standard message formats like JSON, XML etc
  • Template based messages
  • Enabling user to vary certain message property to be sent in the publish request
  • Supports performance as well as functional testing of MQTT brokers
  • Export and import of test scenarios enabling reusability and quick setup on multiple machines

MQTT Simulator Use Cases:

  • Organizations using Cloud based MQTT brokers, can use this simulator to do the following
    • Publish outbound messages to multiple IoT devices or home gateways
    • Subscribe to inbound messages from home gateways or devices
  • Measure the typical response times and CPU/Memory performance of the cloud services under load while handling thousands of messages
  • Run load and functional tests to test message formats and boundary value tests for various message formats