Solutions & Accelerators


Solutions & Accelerators

HSC has developed several Solutions (ready to run/white-label) & Accelerators (stable software components that can be integrated into customer products) in different domains and verticals that help our customers reduce time to market

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HSC offers the following Accelerators today:

Mobile Application Test Automation Framework (MATAF)

Mobile Application Testing Automation Framework

 HSC's Mobile Application Test Automation Framework (MATAF) is a powerful framework to completely automate mobile deployment and testing.  MATAF (Mobile Application Testing Automation Framework) is a Hybrid (keyword and data-driven) framework for Mobile Application test automation on Android and iOS platforms based on Python.

Following are the distinctive features of our solution:

  • Support for all applications – native, hybrid or web
  • Supports Android versions starting from 2.3 (Gingerbread) and iOS
  • Cross platform – can be setup on Linux, OS X or Windows
  • Third party integrations – Jenkins, JIRA, ALM
  • No application changes – any third party app can be tested, no application instrumentation needed
  • Works for all – real devices and device simulators
  • Better validation – Image recognition and test recognition
  • Extended logging – records device screenshots, device videos during test execution
  • Parallel/sequential test execution support

Advantages of HSC’s MATAF:

  • Easy to use – based on Python, a QA friendly language
  • Easy to maintain – test data separation from test scripts
  • Test what you ship – no application instrumentation, root privileges required on the device
  • Better collaboration – reports integrated with Jenkins, bug reporting in JIRA, e-mail integration
  • Extended reporting – HTML based single dashboard with report archiving


With a variety of handsets running on different operating system versions (iOS, Android, Windows, etc) on different networks along with the added challenge of different hardware configurations, interface layers and network capabilities, manual testing of mobile apps can surely be a complicated and time-consuming affair. As with conventional applications, there is an increased need to automate mobile apps testing to improve scale and efficiency.

If you are looking out for a comprehensive mobile application testing framework, MATAF is your solution. To know more about MATAF, contact us using the form below.