Technical Demos


Technical Demos

HSC regularly conducts technical shows/demos, where teams visit customer premises and/or via web based live demos and present our skills in technology domains relevant to the customer. The demos include innovative prototypes showcasing reusable software components, processes or methodologies that can help reduce time-to-market for our customers.

Some of the technical demos conducted in the past include (in reverse chronological order):

  • Hotspot 2.0 Flow demo: HSC demonstrated end-to-end traffic engineering in broadband wireless networks using IFOM in conjunction with a network optimization framework (SON). It is based on latest technologies like Hotspot/Passpoint, ANDSF and iFOM (IP Flow Mobility) that are being promoted by standardization bodies like 3GPP, IETF to promote automatic discovery, seamless selection of wlan network, enforcement of appropriate policies for data offload and selective offload per flow level. Other interesting technologies/protocols leveraged in the demo include GAS, ANQP, SIM based authentication, SON and OpenWRT. 
  • Android Infotainment Customization: HSC demonstrated its Android ROM customizatino skills leveraging the inhouse Android kiosk component that helps OEMs develop kiosk mode specialized Android tablets for healthcare, digital signage and infotainment units
  • Video on Demand and Multimedia Streaming: HSC demonstrated its end to end skills on multimedia streaming and development of MoD/VoD/PVR systems. The demonstration included development of client devices, interworking with popular streaming, content management and DRM solutions as well as storefront solutions.
  • Test Automation: HSC demonstrated its testing methodology for end-to-end test automation – a unique approach that can be customized for any requirement. Through this demonstration, HSC showcased its testing skills as well as a customized test framework that could allow companies to automate system testing and also allows customers to integrate this framework with existing test tools they may already have.
  • LTE evolution: HSC displayed its expertise in Long Term Evolution (LTE) with a demonstration on the radio access layer (Layer 1 and 2). HSC has developed reusable components in LTE which demonstrated several facets of Layer 1, Layer 2 and DSP elements that will significantly help reduce time-to-market for companies building LTE products.
  • Mobile Commerce: HSC demonstrated its expertise in the emerging area of mobile commerce and advertising and how it can be effectively used to tie in Social Networking and yet make it available for SMS based networks (which is the largest transport channel in the mobile world today). Through this show, HSC demonstrated reusable components and innovative prototypes using those components using which marketers, commercial vendors and others could revolutionize mobile commerce and advertising over SMS (or any other transport mechanism like HTTP/SIP).
  • IPv4 to IPv6 migration: During this tech show, HSC presented different methodologies currently being put into place for the potential IPv4 to V6 migration, the needs and alternatives. HSC also showcased prototypes for IPv4 to v6 translators for multicast networks.
  • Telco 2.0 - Telecom and Web Convergence: This event was centered around our views on Telecom-Web convergence, different approaches and innovative prototypes on how social networking and traditional telco networks could converged via interworking components that would help telcos and Web 2.0 companies benefit from each other’s service attributes.

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