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The Connected Car/Automotive market has seen significant transformations over the last few years. Companies such as Tesla, Google, NVIDIA and Uber have transformed the traditional concept of a car from being a largely mechanical device to being a fully connected service. While the "connected" car can be considered part of  "Internet of Things", the features ,security and analysis required are far more critical and hence it stands on its own as a separate vertical. 

HSC's Offerings in this Market

  • Connected Car Managed Services (based on Azure MyDriving and Amazon IoT cloud)
  • Complete Infotainment Unit development (Linux and Android)
  • Autonomous assistance driving software development (leveraging NVIDIA DriveWorks SDK)
  • MirrorLink, Apple Car Play, Google Android Auto and RealVNC based SDK development
  • CAFFE based DNN modeling for image analytics
  • OBD-II based data collection management and analysis

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