Mobile Payments and mPOS

Mobile Payments and Mobile Point of Sales (mPOS) have become an important part of the digital shopping experience for many customers today. Customers now often prefer to leave their credit cards at home and pay for conveniences using a variety of devices like smart watches and smart phones. Jumping onto the digital payment trend, Retailers/QSRs and hospitality providers have launched a slew of product offerings from mobile barcode scanners that allow customers to scan and pay for products right at the aisle in a mart, to table top ordering and payment kiosks at restaurants to innovative retail solutions leveraging beacons and image recognition that automatically process customer payments without them having to lift a hand.

HSC and Mobile Payments + mPOS

HSC offers the following skills in this area:

  • mobile SDK development and maintainence for mPOS vendors and Payment App developers
  • Innovative application development based on sensors and face recognition to provide authentication for mobile payment processing
  • Kiosk software development for product review and purchase
  • Loyalty app development

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