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HSC’s Driving and Video Analtyics platform is the first of its kind API based platform that allows OEMs, ISVs and solution providers to use multiple sensory inputs to evaluate driving transgressions, distractions, safety and other situations. The core platform is powered by videoCORE and webCORE, two powerful Machine Learning powered API platforms that work on mobile sensor data to compute driving distraction, texting as well as has the ability to fuse this data with videos from overhead traffic cameras and/or dashcams.

Unlike other solutions, this is completely API based (it does come with a portal that is optional) and completely customizable for new scenarios, such as driver/passenger transgressions on public vehicles, parking lot rules etc. The solution comprises of:

  • A Mobile SDK that can be white labelled by vendors building driving analytics apps
  • A powerful API based portal for driving and video analytics that can be cloud or edge hosted
  • A UI portal for transgression analysis

HSC works in the area of driving intelligence software in the following areas:

  • Developing analytical engines that collects data from vehicle sensors via OBD-II for driving analysis 
  • GPU accelerated image classification modules using NVIDIA Driveworks SDK
  • CAFFE DNN based model optimization for image classification
  • Auto co-pilot software development 
  • Integration & application development/deployment with Amazon AWS Cloud Services for Connected cars and Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform

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Driving Infraction Platform


Indoor driving unit - powered by NVIDIA. LIDAR + RADAR  sensor-fusion.


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