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Managed Cloud Services for Connected Cars

The modern Connected Car is a complex IoT device which is always connected to a cloud backend and just like other IoT devices benefits from data analytics and value added services. Managed Cloud Services for Connected Cars is a more complex end to end offering than standard IoT Managed Cloud services, primarily because the volume of data is much larger (on average), more realtime and incorrect data management may result in life threatening situations for a driver. That being said, many of the architecture principles of an IoT AEP also apply to Connected Cars.

HSC provides Managed Cloud engineering services for Connected Cars in the following areas:

  • Unified API development to abstract out backend hosted cloud data structures and platforms used
  • Application development
  • Dta Analytics using ODB, Mobile and video feeds
  • Developing microservice layers that can be exposed to developers for new service development

Partnerships in the Connected Car Ecosystem

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