Drone Middleware and Ecosystem Engineering

HSC works with leading ISVs and OEMs looking to integrate their products with drone platforms. Examples of verticals that benefit from our drone engineering expertise :

  • Imaging hardware and software developers looking to integrate their software/hardware into popular drone platforms
  • Action/Sports OEMs looking to supplement their product line with drones for action photograph/videography
  • Cloud based drone management systems involved in drone routing, wayapoint planning
  • ISVs/OEMs in the security and surveillance space

HSC Drone Skills 


Drone Middleware/Embedded Skills

  • Porting device drivers to connect specfic OEM accessories to drones
  • Development and maintainance of PX4 based Drone Middleware (including custom forks)
  • Wireless, BT/LE and other protocol stack porting, development and profile development
  • Integration of image recognition/classification libraries based on Convolution Neural Networks (CNN)s

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