While sensors have been in use for a long time, the rise of Internet of Things has accelerated the evolution of sensors to another level altogether. A Gartner prediction states that more than 50 bn devices will be connected to the Internet by the end of 2020.Sensors form the backbone of IoT platforms as they help collect the data and boosted by advanced communication technologies forward it to an entire network of connected devices. The collected data serves to make the ecosystem of connected devices smarter and subsequently function autonomously.

IoT Sensors

Sensors are a critical component of reporting real-time and accurate data for analysis in IoT networks. Any backend analytics is only as effective as the data it is fed in. 

HSC's IoT Sensor related services cover the following areas:

  • Device driver and Embedded software development 
  • Modification of IoT sensors beacon advertising protocols for battery efficiency
  • Developing techniques to improve sensor location calculations (combining with image recognition based depth analysis, extended Kalman filters, etc). See here for more details.
  • Developing SDKs with unified  RESTful API interfaces to easily be able to collect sensor data in real time

IoT segments that HSC works with

  • Oil & Gas
  • Medical/Hospice
  • Telecom Networks
  • Consumer IoT devices
  • Industrial IoT (IIoT)
  • Drones

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