Network Infrastructure Engineering Services


HSC Network Infrastructure Engineering Services

Hughes Systique Corporation (HSC) offers four broad categories of services in Network Infrastructure and Engineering Services:

  1. Network Consulting services
  2. Enterprise Networking services
  3. Network Security services
  4. Data Center and Virtualization services

Network Consulting Services:

Hughes Systique provides strategy, assessment, planning, design services aligned with an enterprise’s IT and application needs. HSC has a team of experts who can evaluate an enterprise’s current IT infrastructure requirements and provide the best-fit solution with an optimization plan. Companies can reduce their IT-related expenses by using HSC’s services in automation, software-defined, and virtualized networks. HSC’s network experts provide the best plans through high availability, zero-time upgrades, and service agility to account for disaster recovery sites or office relocations with minimal impact on operations.

Engineers at HSC follow the complete ITIL standards, best practices, and business process analysis to ensure that the customers’ IT infrastructure is adhering to the latest market trends.

Enterprise Networking Services:

For enterprises, HSC offers network planning, designing, implementation, upgradation, migration, optimization of Campus Area Network (CAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN). HSC provides IP network solutions to support efficient integration and transfer of data, voice and video traffic over a single, converged network platform.

HSC is an expert in identifying network faults through performance monitoring using the latest tools and provides resolution to improve network communication services. HSC assists clients with their network needs including multivendor hardware selection, installation, configuration and commissioning before hand over. Depending on the need HSC’s team of network engineers can design and build small as well as a large business enterprise network, that will help in improving levels of productivity and competitive advantage achieved through the efficient performance of network operations.

Network Security Services:

HSC’s security solutions minimize risks, protect critical information and effectively reduce the cost and complexity of an enterprise’s security infrastructure. HSC offers services for DLP, Content Filtering, IPS, load balancing, endpoint services to optimize and secure the network. It also provides NAC, posturing, profiling, guest management and enables secure implementation of BYOD.

To help businesses protect their assets, Hughes Systique provides network design services focused on cybersecurity and fraud prevention. These cybersecurity services protect businesses from unauthorized access, misuse, modification and denial of service attacks. HSC also provides multivendor security services like - Fortinet client, Palo Alto, Cisco ASA, Juniper, etc.

Virtualization (Data Center Transformation)

Virtualization is becoming the central architecture for data centers for greater resource utilization and efficiency. The traditional “one server per application” approach has been disrupted so  Virtualization now manifests in software-defined storage (SDS) and software-defined networking (SDN). However, a poorly designed or inadequate network solution can jeopardize many of the expected benefits.

HSC’s team of expert engineers provide end-to-end virtualized network solutions so that enterprises can save the cost of physical server maintenance, power, space, infrastructure and enhance the end-user experience. Our solutions pertain to both converging and hyper converging infrastructure. It also can enable different business segments to migrate interface and communicate with cloud services for on-demand network access and services such as- storage, compute, applications and network.

Why HSC?

HSC has significant experience in implementing next-generation technologies including software-defined networks and network function virtualization.  Our solutions are in accordance with the complete ITIL Framework to ensure all business challenges are aptly met.

Need further proof? HSC owns the design, implementation, and maintenance of one of the largest specialized hospitality organization across the globe. Connect with us using the form below with your queries and let us help you navigate your digital transformation journey.

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