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OTT Video Testing Services

Hughes Systique offers Testing Services in several niche areas; multimedia testing services is one of them.Our testing services include prototype, building and testing multi-screen experience, cross platform compatibility (Android, iOS, Windows) and building immersive user experience.

HSC has extensive experience of testing OTT applications on multimedia devices at all levels:

UI Testing

  • Testing of User interactions – Play, Pause, Seek, Scrub, Channel/Asset change, Video screen resize.
  • Testing User settings – CEA 708 and EIA 608 captions, bitrate restrictions
  • Automated testing on iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Set-top boxes


A typical UI/App level test setup is illustrated below:

OTT Functional Testing

  • User authorization and DRM
  • CMS and UMS (Middleware) Interactions - Device bitrate restrictions, Codec restrictions, Concurrency Management, Resume points, Ad Insertion, CDN Load Balancing, Regional blackouts
  • Streaming Tests – Live Content, Lookback, T-VOD, Ads, F-VOD
  • Device-specific tests – Video rendering on iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux-based Set-top boxes

Streaming Performance Testing

  • Simulate various Network scenarios in Lab – Lossy NW, Low Bandwidth Networks, High Latency Network
  • Measure streaming performance using Wireshark and custom analyzers
  • Measure and Graph various parameters like throughout, connect latency, request latency, lost connections
  • Objectively measure performance by deriving Quality of Experience (QoE)


A typical test setup to simulate network scenarios and measure streaming performance is illustrated below:

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