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OTT QoE Measurement Solution Services

Stream delivery over public IP Networks is posing challenges never before seen in traditional DVB/IP TV systems. HSC has worked significantly in the area of Adaptive Bitrate Streaming analysis and Quality of Experience measurement for many providers.

Some of the salient features of HSC’s OTT QoE solution are:

  • Objective measurement of user's Quality of Experience (QoE) for an OTT streaming service (in field real time monitoring of user experience).
  • Subscriber behavior analytics, using Big data frameworks and lambda architecture.
  • Elaborate reporting through graphs and multiple statistics at HTTP and ABR level.
  • Fault analysis and localization (viz. at CDN, Location, ISP and Device
  • Dashboard view for customer care displaying various metrics

How would HSC’s QoE Solution benefit you?

Some segments that have particularly benefited from HSC’s QoE solution are:

  • Companies in the middleware/video infrastructure space: QoE helps companies in the OTT middleware space in refining their algorithms on clients and also their back-ends to deliver best possible stream under given network conditions. Statistics can be collected from custom players and standard players like iOS/HLS and Android/Exoplayer.
  • CDN: CDNs need to assess quality of streams at user side and isolate problems (viz at CDN, ISP, location, Device etc)
  • Channels (networks)/Content Owners/Service providers: New-age content owners are looking to reach their customers directly via internet streaming. In order to monetize this to the optimum, measuring the quality of experience for the end user is crucial to reduce user churn and enhance the overall experience.


Advantages of HSC’s QoE Measurement Solution:

Strategic advantages that we have brought to the table are as follows:

  • Subscriber retention: Optimizing the service based on analysis of subscriber viewing behaviour with respect to different parameters such as:
    • Location, Device, Network Type, Title type, Genres etc.
  • Service Excellence: Complete network view and the way service is delivered can assist a service provider in choosing:
    • Managing different ABR profiles.
    • Comparing CDNs and can help in decision making to choose edge servers in different regions
    • Device profiling to optimize service by identifying issues in certain types of devices.
  • Effective Cost management: With QoE measurement and the acceptably accurate analyses available, service providers can optimize resources that are used for delivering the OTT Service.

Learn more about our Multimedia Testing Expertise:

HSC’s expertise in Multimedia OTT Testing helps you test the various analysis at lab before releasing the service

  • Simulate various network conditions in lab. 
  • "Record" real-time Network conditions and play in lab.
  • Fully automated test execution and management
  • Streaming performance testing (in lab) by recording the stream QoE parameters and accordingly predicting the performance in a real world environment

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