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HSC offers retail technology services to Retail Technology companies and Retailers in the following areas:

How HSC Engages with customers

HSC's retail engagements center around two key models:

  • Innovation/Proof of Concepts: These are time limited projects ranging from a few weeks to months, where HSC experts work with our customers (Retail technology ISVs and/or digital innovation teams of retailers) to demonstrate cutting edge concepts. Examples include:
    • Image Analytics to automatically identify shelf product inventory
    • Customer Analytics via image classification/labeling for the purposes of understanding customers better
    • Correlation of purchase trends to inventory stocking
    • Integrating AI chatbots for customer engagements
  • Product Development 
    • We work with Retail technology ISVs/OEMs to develop/extend/maintain their existing product lines in the areas of:
      • mPOS 
      • Embedded engineering
      • Mobility Applications
      • Analytics and Machine Learning
      • Testing and Test Automation

Reducing Time to Market with HSC's retail solution components

Acknowleding the gap between what retailers need (custom solutions to meet specific purposes) and what existing products offer (monolithic solutions), HSC took a completely different approach – it worked on developing ‘pluggable components’ that could be customized (added to/skinned down) as much as required for special retailer needs and be put together to offer exactly what the retailer needs, with an open platform for API based upgrades to functionality.

HSC has combined its decade’s worth of experience in wireless, beacons, mobile and machine learning into a seamless customer experience platform. This platform enables retail and hospitality industries to deliver contextual services to consumers as they shop. This platform incorporates advanced image recognition, beaconing, triangulation and WiFi/NFC/BT-LE positioning to be able to accurately locate customers whilst indoor including their orientation.

HSC’s pluggable component based system includes:

  • A white labelled mobile app,  with ready features like push, shopping cart, contextualized services based on user location
  • Image Analytics for customer demographics (age/gender/etc) & realtime inventory analysis
  • Data Analytics for customer behavior, purchase patterns, cross-sell/up-sell, heat maps etc.
  • Rich visualization dashboards 

For more information on our retail solution please visit our Retail Solution Accelerator page.

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