Given the proliferation of Internet enabled devices, the threat of security, malware and data breach has increased significantly. Enterprise companies as well as consumers are always looking to harden their products as well as work with vendors to help them with continous security threat modeling and active detection of issues  in running systems.

HSC provides services in the following areas:

Block Chain based Networks

Blockchain based private and public networks have become an important part of distributed trust and security in the IoT powered network. HSC works with ISVs/OEMs and Service Providers alike, helping them engineer and customize solutions around block-chains. Some areas of focus are:

  • Developing private Block chain networks, leveraging tools like Blockchain DB
  • Implementation of Smart Contracts for B2B transactions (using Solidity/others)
  • Enhancing digital certificate management with blockchains as opposed to a centralized servers
  • Integration of CRMs, ordering and booking systems with backend blockchains for supply chain management
  • Improving/optimizing blockchain protocols/puzzles for blockchains to meet specific business needs, such as faster processing, better interoperability


  • Anomaly detection using embedded machine learning algorithms in home gateways
  • Digital trust management - via customer certificate managment solutions and UICC based approaches
  • Developing analytical/learning models from deep packet inspection
  • DoS/DDoS prevention by implementing filters/firewalls and incorporation of learning patterns from analytical models

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