GSMA, the industry group that organizes the world’s biggest tech show, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) has recently stated that 5G connections are forecast to reach 1.1 billion by the year 2025. This implies that one in eight mobile connections would be a 5G connection. The use cases of 5G networks would include areas like mobile broadband, IoT, and communications. High speed and low latency are the key driving factors that justify the need for investing in 5G.

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Hughes Systique has been operating in the wireless arena for the last 10 years and has the capability to develop scalable and intelligent solutions that are needed for 5G wireless application development. Some of our cutting-edge work in this domain includes providing services in the following areas:

HSC has been dedicated to explore and contribute to the advances of 5G. We invite you to read our blogs on enhanced HetNet optimization service, improving cell-edge performance for Next Generation networks and SDN for mmWave Integrated 5G Networks which you a glimpse of the R&D done at HSC in the space of the wireless network.

HSC offers the entire suite of services right from the core aspects of wifi architecture consulting to the equally important routine activities of Testing and Maintenance. Looking for help in 5G Networks? Send in your specific query using the form below:


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5G has an ambitious goal to increase the network capacity by 1000x, reduce network latency for URLL  …  read more
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5G has an ambitious goal to increase the network capacity by 1000x, reduce network latency for URLL  …  read more