Software defined networking (SDN) and Network function Virtualization (NFV) are the key technologies driving the transformation of the next generation networks. There have been accelerating efforts industry-wide towards swapping traditional networking architectures with SDN/NFV based architectures– to overcome the challenges faced by carriers and enterprises – enormous demand for bandwidth, latency, scalability, reliability and vendor independence etc. Emerging technologies like IoT and MEC need SDN/NFV to deliver an agile and flexible network infrastructure, to handle varying user-demands and diverse network scenarios. 

Our SDN/NFV Expertise:

Hughes Systique (HSC) provides end to end engineering services in SDN/NFV domain.  HSC’s proficiency in SDN and NFV spans along the following categories:

  • Designing the control plane – path computations, Virtual overlay network management.
  • Designing the SDN applications – Orchestration, traffic engineering, n/w slicing, security.
  • Designing a robust networking architecture with respect to interoperability, scalability, high availability.
  • Expertise over multiple SDN controllers (Floodlight, ODL, ONOS), Northbound and southbound protocols – RESTCONF, NETCONF, OpenFlow etc.
  • Virtualized Deployments and SDN integration with private cloud infrastructures – OpenStack.
  • Expertise on MANO tools (Tacker, OSM, ONAP) and templates (TOSCA, HEAT)
  • Setup IaaS cloud – Configuration, deployment and management using OpenStack-ansible, OSC, OpenStack services, telemetry, cloud-init.
  • Integration with multiple hypervisors – qemu-kvm, Bare-metal

Our SDN/NFV Service Offerings:

HSC can provide engineering services in the following:

  • Adding SDN capabilities to a network –whether Greenfield or Brownfield
  • Designing and developing northbound SDN applications for custom orchestration with respect to configuration, traffic engineering or QoS requirements
  • Migrating from one SDN controller to another
  • Augmenting legacy FCAPS (OSS/BSS) with SDN capabilities
  • Design end to end service orchestration using MANO frameworks
  • Evaluating VNFs and their hardware requirements based on functional and performance criterions.
  • Performance testing, verification and validations of service-chained VNFs.
  • Configuring and optimizing traffic steering capabilities in NFV deployments

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