Satellite services are being extensively used in today’s world that demands seamless connectivity on a plethora of applications in radio and cable television, cellular connectivity, GPS, weather forecasts, government applications, researches, agriculture and much more.

Hughes Systique Corporation as a part of Echostar and Hughes group of companies has been a leader in spacecraft and satellite operations and services. We are committed to delivering innovative, efficient, and reliable satellite communication services with a focus on next generation technology and innovation. We provide adaptable solutions to meet dynamic business needs as demanded by the complete technology ecosystem.

HSC provides satellite solutions in the following areas:

  • Telecom: We provide complete GSM backhaul solutions to Telecom operators. 
  • Media and Broadcast: HSC offers TV broadcast solutions along with satellite and fibre-based media
  • Data Networks: We offer entire spectrum of managed broadband solutions, backbone connectivity and trunking of IP
  • Turnkey Services: HSC’s Turnkey Solutions bring along the best mix of consultancy with design and integration. We provide complete ecosystem of end-to-end comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of businesses with an emphasis on the quality of service.

Why you should partner with HSC?

Our expertise in satellite communication stems from our association with our parent company in executing several mission critical projects. We also carry forward the legacy by conductiong several engineering R&D projects in our Wireless labs. Our recent blog on th topic Postioning techniques for mobile devices in LTE is a testimony to the fact.

Here are some more compelling reasons to choose HSC for your needs in satellite communication services.

  • Continuous innovation to provide broadcasting and media users with the best in class communications tools
  • Reduce Operational Expenditure by managed satellite communication services
  • Reduced time-to-market for new offerings to customers
  • End-to-end broadcast solution with integrated support for HetNets
  • Best in class technical expertise across all phases of the network lifecycle.


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