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Leverage the extensive knowledge of our Domain Experts who can work with you to define product requirements, conceptualize new ideas, validate technology plans, and provide technology consulting services as you formulate the best strategy for your product to be successful in the market. Each domain is lead by industry veterans who have, in the past deployed several successful products and have consulted extensively with clients from conceptualization to successful market delivery. Each of our domain experts are very active in their respective technology verticals and represent HSC in leading industry fora and standardization bodies and are often invited to speak at various conferences.

In addition, our experienced System Architects can work with you to define a robust and scalable architecture suited for your target market. In the past, our System Architects have successfully designed and deployed live products in the market for a variety of applications in the telecom domain ranging from optimized terminal software to highly scalable network servers. Our System Architecture offering includes activities such as Requirements Specification, Architecture vs. cost trade-off analysis, Functional partitioning, Network performance simulation as well as Vendor Recommendations, if applicable.
HSC offers technology consulting and architecture services in the following areas:

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