Product Ideation

Product Ideation is an important concept for both new and established companies who are looking at coming up with innovative ideas that can lead them to further business success and growth. Product Ideation requires a deep understanding of the domain, existing solutions as well as customer mindset. At HSC we have seasoned industry veterans who lead four key Centers of Excellence (CoE):

  • Connected Devices
  • Multimedia Streaming
  • Radio/Wireless
  • Network Applications

HSC offers Product Ideation Consulting services where our CoE leaders directly work with the customer in helping them create technical strategies and roadmaps for innovative solutions. Our Product Ideation Consulting Services include:

  • Identify innovative ideas and mapping them to potential revenue streams and business goals
  • Developing high level system architecture specification based around these innovations
  • Developing use-cases and call flows 
  • Develop competitive analysis reports 

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