Unified Test Automation Framework


Unified Test Automation Framework (UTAF)

Hughes Systique brings to the table a well researched framework known as the UTAF.

What is UTAF?

UTAF is a one stop solution for providing script-less automation framework for testing web and mobile applications. The solution is built on the principles of a hybrid framework encapsulating keyword-driven and data-driven test approach. An amalgamation of the existing Web Application Testing Automation Framework (WATAF) and Mobile Application Test Automation Framework (MATAF), UTAF is an easy-to-use, OS agnostic, platform independent Test Automation Framework that helps yield a higher ROI as the same scripts can be utilized across devices running on different OS and versions

Features of UTAF:

UTAF not only segregates the test data from the scripts, it also gives provision to add or delete keywords to the user script (i.e. excel file) without modifying the core keyword implementation. Some of the added features of the UTAF are as follows:

  • Integration with Bug Management System, like, JIRA, Bugzilla
  • Continuous Integration (CI) enabled
  • Integration with Test Management Systems, like JIRA, TestLink
  • Integration with versioning control systems, like, SVN, Github
  • Cloud based test farm support for Selenium Grid, SauceLabs
  • Cross Browser Support - for Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari and variety of other browsers
  • Cross Platform Support - can be run on Windows, Linux or MAC OS
  • Device Support - supports both iOS and Android
  • Cross Mobile Application Support - Native, Hybrid or WebApp
  • Parallel test execution along with Load Distribution
  • Integrated Image Recognition and Text Recognition for handheld mobile devices
  • No instrumentation of Mobile Application required
  • Extensible, additional keywords can be added as and when required
  • Integrated performance testing of Web Services and Web Application
  • Integrated REST API support
  • Advanced Reporting - HTML, XML. Fully customizable reports integrated with Email systems like Outlook

Why should you use UTAF?

  • Ease of use, no scripting required
  • Easy test scheduling, test priority, test organization in various levels like Test Suites, Test Cases etc.
  • Greater reusability as Keyword can be used across multiple test scripts
  • Allows tagging of test cases e.g. Regression, Functional, etc.
  • Better ROI (Return on Investment)as same scripts can be utilized across devices running on different OS and versions
  • Greater Flexibility to run a subset of all the automated test cases
  • Increased accuracy as there's no manual intervention
  • Shorter testing and hence release cycles
  • Captures all the executed steps along with time information
  • Compares actual with expected results and flags differences
  • Automatically sets-up and/or records the relevant test environment parameters
  • Scalable to latest OS versions
  • Mobile platform agnostic: Scripts written for Android also run for iOS app

It is known that automated testing can be made more efficient when developers and testers collaborate. This Unified Test Automation framework helps deliver quality software faster, better and cheaper and syncs up well with your business.Leveraging over 10 years of deep-domain knowledge and extensive experience of handling 100+ projects in QA & testing space, we have built a reliable, robust and comprehensive testing framework ñ Unified Test Automation Framework (UTAF) to address the overall testing needs and challenges of your business.

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