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Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) 2.0/Passpoint Solution

Download Brochure_Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) Solution HSC's Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) is a cloud-based network solution that complements Wi-Fi access points to facilitate easy and secure Wi-Fi onboarding along with seamless Wi-Fi roaming. It conforms to Wi-Fi Alliance’s Hotspot 2.0 specifications and provides backward compatibility to all the non-HS 2.0 compliant devices too.

NGH can be used by service providers (mobile operators, cable operators, WISPs) or enterprises to setup/upgrade their Wi-Fi network as per PasspointTM standards. The online sign-up (OSU) server helps in the provisioning of Wi-Fi profiles to end-user devices which enables automated scanning and gaining access to authorized Wi-Fi networks.

In addition to the effortless onboarding and secure communication, NGH helps businesses in understanding their network with rich business insights via Wi-Fi Analytics component and with Proximity marketing it provides an additional engagement channel for personalized reach-outs to their customers.

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Key Modules:

Online Sign-up Server (OSU), Policy Server, Captive Portal, Remediation Server, AAA Server, WiFi Analytics, Wi-Fi Analytics

Network Architecture

Key Features:

  • Device Agnostic - Backward compatible with HS2.0 Release 1.0 devices and Non-HS2.0 devices
  • Low-touch Integration -  With external components such as AAA server, certification authority, captive portal, or subscription DB
  • Scalable and Modular Components - Individual components are available as VNF (virtual network function) and can be co-located or separately located
  • WiFi Analytics - Presence, Web, and Social Analytics
  • AP Vendor Agnostic - Compatible with all APs which are HS2.0 complaint

Key Benefits of HotSpot 2.0 / Passpoint Solution:

Key Benefits For End Users:

  • Seamless Experience - In-pocket, cellular-like WiFi experience for end users eliminating the need to find and authenticate into networks they have access to
  • WiFi Roaming - End-users can roam seamlessly between authorized networks across the globe         
  • Reliable Networks - Enforcement of strong security mechanisms for authentication like EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, and EAP-SIM/AKA

Key Benefits For Service Providers:

  • Extended Network Coverage - Through inter-carrier WiFi roaming, reaching new devices and new venues for the existing subscriber base
  • New Value Streams - Service providers can offer WiFi as a commercial service to other operators, or enterprises
  • Mobile Data Offload - Increased network capacity by offloading mobile data onto WiFi hotspots with the same security and roaming features  
  • Network Insights - Key monitoring parameters such as subscriber’s usage patterns and preferences to enable a high quality of experience
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction and Reduced Churn

Key Benefits for Enterprises:

  • Effortless WiFi Management - Better operational efficiency achieved as there is no need to involve IT in new staff registration, visitor registration, access revocation or providing additional bandwidth for special events
  • New Value Streams - Additional capacity can be offered to service providers like mobile or cable operators for their subscribers to roam into their WiFi networks
  • Differentiated QoS - Network Policy can be configured for differentiated Quality-of-Service (QoS) for different customers
  • Customer Experience - Seamless WiFi experience will be a distinguished experience for the customers
  • Increased Revenue - WiFi can be provided as an additional chargeable service to the customers, thereby opening a new revenue stream for enterprises

Are you interested in deploying HotSpot 2.0 /Passpoint Network in your Hospitality or Retail Business? Fill in your queries, and we shall get back to you with a customized demo which is suitable for your network requirements.


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