OTT QoE Service Insight

OTT QoE Service Insight Solution

OTT Quality of Experience and Analytics SolutionThe statistical measurement of the QoE metrics and analysis benefits both network operators and business team to find ways to better subscriber engagement, monetization, and viewing experience.

HSC’s OTT QoE Measurement Solution provides real-time, multi-dimensional, integrated, customizable actionable insights into the complete delivery network chain of the video viewing sessions. The solution can be used by customer care executives, service providers, content providers, and CDNs to gain deep insight into the network conditions, subscribers’ behavior in different conditions. 

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Following are the distinctive features of our solution:

  • Real-time capture of data related to User behavior and user viewing experience
  • Dashboard, charting and maps for service and quality status
  • Complete delivery network statistics view for identifying the problem at the granular level
  • Dynamic Search and aggregation capabilities
  • Asset trend analysis

Advantages of HSC’s QoE Measurement Solution:

Strategic advantages that we have brought to the table are as follows:

  1. Location, Device, Network Type, Title type, Genres etc.
  • Service Excellence: Complete network view and the way service is delivered can assist a service provider in choosing:
  1. Managing different ABR profiles.
  2. Comparing CDNs and can help in decision making to choose edge servers in different regions
  3. Device profiling to optimize service by identifying issues in certain types of devices.
  • Effective Cost Management: With QoE measurement and the acceptably accurate analyses available, service providers can optimize resources that are used for delivering the OTT Service.

As user experience for OTT service can only be measured at the very place where the service is being consumed, HSC’s solution consists of a client probe which helps in extracting useful metrics and an analytics server which collects and analyzes the data provided by thousands of devices in real time. Our solution helps to measure users’ perceived view of the service performance, taking multiple contributing factors into consideration.

If you are looking for a solution that helps manage Quality of Experience and enables you to analyze, improve, secure and further monetize your network services, then HSC’s OTT QoE Measurement Solution is ideal for you. It will enable you to streamline your network, substantially reducing time to market, optimizing OPEX and CAPEX, improving service delivery performance and security and helping monetize network services. HSC provides world-class QoE Services leveraging on its years of experience in OTT streaming and Data Analytics for operators, content providers, media streaming solution providers, and enterprises.

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