Better QoE for effective OTT streaming services


The wide gamut of end-user multimedia devices coupled with growing need to consume content anytime and anywhere has led to an explosion in the multimedia streaming market.

In order to measure the success and hence effectiveness of these streaming clients, OTT providers, Content Owners and Middleware solutions providers have to be gauged on the basis of various factors for ensuring streaming quality which eventually culminates into Quality of Experience ( QoE) for the end user.

HSC's offering for optimum QoE:

As part of the Echostar/Sling TV group of companies, Hughes Systique has done significant work in the area of Adaptive Bitrate Streaming analysis and QoE measurement for many providers. Some of the key areas where we have delivered solutions are as follows:

  • Objectively measure user's Quality of Experience (QoE) for an OTT streaming service
  • Streaming performance testing (in lab) and live monitoring (in field) by simulating various network conditions in lab
  • "Record" real-time Network conditions and play in lab
  • Fully automated test execution and management
  • Elaborate reporting through graphs and multiple statistics at HTTP, TCP and streaming protocol (HLS, HDS etc.) level
  • Fault analysis and localization (viz. at CDN, OTT Middleware, Client, Encoder, DRM)
  • Predictive analysis using Big data frameworks and lambda architecture

Why choose HSC as your multimedia application development partner?

HSC has a long standing experience in the field of communication and multimedia technology and our Multimedia Center of Excellence has IPRís and reusable components which can be customized to develop a QoE solution tailored to your need.

Interested to know more about our QoE IPR? In order to find out more about it and decide whether we will be a good fit for your business, schedule a demo by filling our contact form below.

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